Debut album now available for pre-sale on CD Baby.

Debut album soon to be available for pre-order on CD and Vinyl

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Pre-release CD’s now available for purchase at Victrola Beacon Hill
(cash only) map

June 17th on


June 2The Conway MuseConway, WA
June 5 • Olympia House Show • Olympia, WA
June 9The Royal RoomSeattle, WA
June 11The Old Liberty TheaterRidgefied, WA
June 12The Jazz StationEugene, OR
June 13 • Turn! Turn! Turn! • Portland, OR

Shoebox View Features

Sean Woolstenhulme: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo
Wayne Horvitz: organ, piano, Wurlitzer
Eric Eagle: drums, percussion
Keith Lowe: upright bass
Alex Guy: viola
Ivan Arteaga: alto saxophone
Michael Coleman: Wurlitzer, synthesizers
Thione Diop: percussion
Jefferson Rose: electric bass
Andrew Vait: synthesizers
Jacques Willis: beat production
Greg Sinibaldi: baritone saxophone
Steve O’Brien: trumpet

Thanks to all the musicians who brought this music to life and infused it with their own authentic expression. Creating this album has been about nourishing collaborative relationships with many amazing, creative musicians. I’d especially like to thank Eric Eagle and Sean Woolstenhulme both of whom emerged during this journey as central contributors and collaborators. I’m excited for a lot more, you two! And a special thanks to Jefferson Rose for being my co-pilot on this adventure. 

Hatchfund donors, thank you for collectively funding the release of Shoebox View.

Here’s a HUGE heartfelt thanks to Micah Siegel, Kate Olson, Caitlin Cordell, Betsy Ross, Amma Asare, Eric Eagle, Donna Lewen, Michael Beharie, Jeannine Widmann, Gus Widmann, Meg Cummins, Brittany Hampton, Hays Golden, Art Brown, Robert Schwartz, Noah Cecil, Marie Skoor, Rose Johnson, Eliza Romm, Tim Callaghan, Sam Boshnack, Christie Brezina, Josiah Boothby, Nina Henry, Kirk Lilley, Lucy Holtsnider, Zanne Garland, Donna Widmann, Kristine O’Brien, Elliott Delman, Andy Stoller, Andrew Luthringer, Emily Trenkner-Jones, Jennifer Watkins, Scott Gelband, Jonathan Lawson, Knox Gardner, Ethan Siegel, Rosanna Sze, Devin Zimmer, Kim Driscoll, Jesseca Salky, Sue Dickson, Rebekah Byrne, Dani McIntyre, Denise Benitez, Jason Goessl, Larissa Coleman, Kyle Odum, Steve Odum, Roslyn Gray, Kirsten Avery, Mark Johnson, Jenny Cohen, Rachel Klein-Ash, Sparky Collins, Mary Pittman, Sarah Klahs, Sarah Brooks, Martha Gaunt, Natalie Coleman, Rachel Rose, Trace Farrell, Steve Garland, Innes Boland, Joanna Stagg, Jamey Lowdermilk, Richard Rodseth, Alice Henry, Paul Hill, Tegan Molloy, Carissa Morris, Michael Brownell, Daniel Rapport, Christina Castillo, Scott McKenzie, Laura Prudhomme, Catherine Noll, Andrea Frangi, Mike Lundquist, Karen McClard, Jenna Rizzo, Tobi Stone, Ezra Siegel, Jacki Rothenberg, David McGraw, Heidi-Marie Wiggins, Ahkeenu Musa, Kelly Ockwell, Erin Gallagher, Stuart Vazquez, Claire Cheney, Nancy Tenney, Jay Deshpande, Judy Moss, Susanne Henry, Nikki Fleming, McNeill Mann, Sophie Suberman, Ann Reynolds, Jeannette & Eric Nolander, Eroyn Franklin, Angie Connell, Joseph Armes, Nancy Lurie, Nanette Robinson, Joy Dunning, Jayme Tomita, Jeff Busch, Lou Siegel, Paloma Herman, Joel Henry, David Springer, Ronnie Katz, Sara McCabe, Jenni Hurner, Kennie Henry, Peter Ramels.

And a GIGANTIC heartfelt thanks to
Ronna Henry and Glenn Siegel.