“Naomi Siegel is a fantastic trombonist, has a singular voice as a composer, and has been an indispensable addition to the Seattle music scene. In addition, she has been an equally indispensable addition to my own music, as a composer and bandleader. I love her sound, her concept, and her attitude. Check her out.”
Wayne Horvitz (composer, keyboardist)

“Anchored by Naomi Siegel’s haunting, emotionally resonant trombone performance, Shoebox View is a collection of songs that embrace you, songs that are easy to listen to, but not easy listening; musically compelling and accomplished, they manage to somehow both soothe and invigorate. In songs like “It’s Not Safe,” we are invited in to a soundscape that works on multiple sensory levels all at once, like the best poetry or art always does—this song is an edgy, playful interesting piece of music that makes the heart beat faster, while a song like “Jeannine’s Joy” heralds what feels like daybreak, transformed to song, a truly jubilant polyphony.“Ukelady” flows like the distant sea on a hazy day, bringing to mind the sweetest, most sensual melancholy.”
Rachel Rose (Poet Laureate of Vancouver, BC)

“Siegel’s globetrotting reveals itself on Shoebox View, a debut album that’s at once personal and polyglot. The disc seduces immediately with the soulful “Jeannine’s Joy,” on which she layers multiple trombone harmonies and melodic riffs atop Thione Diop’s evocative Senegalese percussion…”
John MurphDownbeat Magazine

“Simply gorgeous music”
Stefan WoodFree Jazz Blog

“With Shoebox View, her captivating debut release, trombonist and composer Naomi Moon Siegel has produced an intensely lyrical and expressive work. She imbues the album’s 10 original compositions with abstract romanticism and poetic fancy..”
Hrayr Jazziz Magazine

“On one hand, you have accessible melodies and concise songs by Naomi Moon Siegel that feel like easy going folk and indie tunes. But then, because she features herself on the trombone, piano and keyboard along with a wide range of eclectic guests, there is a bohemian jazz vibe here as well.”
George W. HarrisJazz Weekly

Shoebox View, Siegel’s marvelous debut, is one that the record companies should be kicking themselves over, for the missed opportunity to bring a fresh talent to light. Siegel has found her voice…. it is a remarkably cohesive statement. Siegel works the studio like an old pro…. She’s added intricate effects on “Casa de Aves.” Throughout Wurlitzers sparkle, synthesizers paint gentle washes of pastels, world percussion percolates. In a way, Siegel seems to be doing—in a folk song, world beat, African rhythms arena—what Miles Davis and Teo Macero did with funk and acid jazz on On The Corner (Columbia Records, 1972), with, in Siegel and company’s case, a gentler, more patient, and more melodic mode. The sounds around her may change, but the trombone remains a constant—a powerful yet gentle voice in the middle of a vibrant world community.”
Dan McClenaghan, AllAboutJazz.Com

“Siegel has assembled a group with an ambience directed by both the compositions and the musicians who each have a voice in the flow of the music. Her uncommonly appealing writing has a subtle emotional depth that engages across genres and projects a rich, spacious sound. Shoebox View is a different musical experience and an impressive debut for this talented artist.”

“Naomi Moon Siegel is a composer and trombonist of intuitive conception and thoughtfully focused execution, whose skillful presence has graced the bandstand with a wide variety of Seattle’s most creative musicians…. Shoebox View is an aural balm that satisfies the body and soul, while still providing grit and diversion for the brain.”
Andrew LuthringerEarshot Jazz Magazine

“The mixes on Naomi Moon Siegel’s June 17 album, Shoebox View, are nothing short of astounding and uniquely inventive.”
Carol Banks

“I am positively addicted to this album.”
Dave Sumner, Bird Is the Worm