Shoebox View

Official Release – June 17, 2016

Shoebox View is Naomi Moon Siegel’s debut album as a producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. It is a travelogue that features folk melodies, fantastical soundscapes and tight arrangements. Siegel’s trombone is the “powerful yet gentle” lyrical voice throughout.

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As Co-Producer / Trombonist / Composer:

Syrinx Effect:
Snail Songs 2014

Syrinx Effect:
gnarly & sweet 2013

Syrinx Effect,
This Is What Your Brain Sounds Like 2012

Jefferson Rose Band:
Feel Like Dancing 2014

Mi Paraiso 2015

Jefferson Rose Band:
Seismic 2012

As a Trombonist:

Beth Fleenor: Workshop Ensemble

Silt 2015

Wayne Horvitz, 55:
Music and Dance in Concrete 2014

Royal Room Collective Music Ensemble:
Live at the Royal Room, Songlines  2014

Ann Reynolds:
Para Cuba Con Amor 2014

Ahamefule J. Oluo:
Now I’m Fine 2014

Racer Sessions Curator Compilation:
Volume Two  2012

Master Musicians of Bukkake:
Far West, Important Records 2011

Andrew Vait:
Closer to the Setting Sun 2011

Joseph’s Bones:
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Andrew Conklin:
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